Geneva Health Forum

Geneva, Switzerland

Global Forum sharing innovative practices in Global Health. This year's theme is "Improving access to health: Learning from the Field"

Novel developments in the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis

The Royal Society of Medicine


Join us for an interactive meeting where we provide a comprehensive update on the recent developments in the understanding of pathophysiology of endometriosis. Experts will cover everything from the malignant potential of endometriosis to its effects on women's fertility.

What do people, NICE and industry want from medical devices?

The Royal Society of Medicine

Innovative medical devices offer the prospect of revolutionary healthcare. This meeting will explore the complementary perspectives of people, NICE and industry in the development, appraisal and use of these innovations.


There will be ample opportunities for audience and panel discussion, as we consider perspectives from the public, healthcare professionals, industry and NICE.


We are a trainee-led group of anaesthetists, surgeons and obstetricians promoting trainee involvement, education and research in low and middle income countries.