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"An all-encompassing trainee group with a focus on global surgery" 


GASOC (Global Anaesthesia, Surgery and Obstetric Collaboration) was established in 2015 to encourage trainees and SAS doctors (specialist, associate specialist and specialty doctors) to engage responsibly and impactfully in global surgery. This collaboration acts as an entry-level platform to signpost trainees and SAS Drs to information and resources that will enable them to further their knowledge and experience in this field. The goal is to increase trainee engagement in global surgery activity during their training and to facilitate career-long leadership commitment post qualification.


Our strategy:

Collaborate - Share medical knowledge and experience with colleagues to advocate for improvement in surgical outcomes in low & middle-income countries. 


Innovate - Generate new ideas to address global surgery issues.


Unite - Create solidarity and partnership with like-minded organisations in global surgery advocacy. Have involvement in capacity building in LMICs in terms of research and education, with bidirectional participation.


  • Journal Clubs: GASOC hosts a bi-monthly journal club online. These events can be run either solely by the GASOC or in collaboration with another organisation. 

  • Annual Conference: The GASOC Committee holds annual conferences which attracts a global audience on a topical issue related to global surgery, anaesthesia and obstetric care. 

  • Projects: GASOC works in conjunction with other organisations to support and contribute to other projects, disseminate their work and represent trainee interests. Specifically, GASOC works with International advocacy organisations such as the G4 Alliance, INCISION and Royal Colleges to advance global surgery advocacy work.

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