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5th February 2018

Papers Discussed

Anaesthesia-related mortality in low income and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis (Sobhy S et al. 2016)

Outcomes of a coaching based WHO safe childbirth checklist program in India (Semrau KEA et al. 2017)

14th November 2018

Papers Discussed

Incorporation of a Global Surgery Rotation into an Academic General Surgery Residency Program: Impact and Perceptions. 

ReBaS Malawian burns prevention and treatment programme analysis - thesis to be presented by Emily Broadis

13th November 2019

Papers Discussed

Engagement and the role of surgical trainees in global surgery: Consensus statement and recommendations from the Associations of Surgeons in Training.

9th May 2019

Papers Discussed

Global Burden of Postoperative Deaths.

Dmitri Nepogodiev and Aneel Bhangu

26th November 2019

Papers Discussed

15th January 2020

Papers Discussed

7th April 2020

Papers Discussed

8th July 2020

Papers Discussed

"Growing research in global surgery with an eye towards equity"

BJS Vol 106, Issue 2

Dr ​Bethany Hedt-Gauthier


We are a trainee-led group of anaesthetists, surgeons and obstetricians promoting trainee involvement, education and research in low and middle income countries.

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