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Obstetric Rep - Ireland

Oladayo O Oduola

Obs & Gynae


Dr Oduola graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Debrecen, Hungary and completed her Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Cork University, Ireland.

She is currently completing her Spr training in Ireland, rotating through both tertiary and smaller units, Prior to the Spr training, she worked as a Clinical Research Fellow at Coombe Women and Infant Hospital, Dublin as well as a Clinical Tutor in the Obstetrics and Gynecology department at the University Hospital, Galway, Ireland where she had most of her postgraduate training.

Her interest lies in fetal maternal medicine; maternal health and medical education. As part of her thesis project for the MD, she looked at the burden of malaria in pregnancy in Nigeria.

Dr Oladayo's keen interest in research and translations of innovations for health care has been reinforced by her experiences from living in Africa, Europe and the USA. Her early years were spent in western Nigeria where she grew up and was exposed to the health care system at an early age.

Dr. Oladayo has translated these experiences of living under health systems with varying capacities to meet populations’ needs into interest to contribute to enhancing medical education and applications of research for health.

Twitter handle is @d_charmedone

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