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Frugal Innovations

A Low Fidelity Eye Model for Lateral Canthotomy Training

Rodrigo Kong et al.

We introduce a low-fidelity, low-cost, reusable training model for the lateral canthotomy procedure. We believe that this trainer has the potential to improve clinicians’ knowledge and skill of the procedure, especially when cost or access to higher-fidelity trainers is prohibitive


AMPATH Surgical App

JoAnna Hunter-Squires

Designing a surgical training module to train clinicians who are expected to perform open appendectomies


From Malawi to Middlesex: the case
of the Arbutus Drill Cover System
as an example of the cost-saving
potential of frugal innovations for
the UK NHS

Prime, M. et al.

Review of the Arbutus Drill Cover System as a cost saving frugal innovation.


Low cost simulation systems for surgical training: A narrative review

Dhananjaya Sharma et al.

Narrative review of low cost surgical simulations for surgical training


Low cost, modified negative pressure wound therapy in infected orthopaedic wounds: can it be as effective as its costly counterparts?

Chaudhury et al.

Description of low cost, effective negative pressure dressing utilising ryles tube, foam, semi permeable dressing and bedside suction. Provides series of 56 patients. Very few complications. Costs between £3.30 and £7.70


Low-fidelity simulation model to microvascular surgery for military surgical residents

Ammar Ghabi et al

Description of a low fidelity microsurgical simulation suitable for use in austere environments


Resources for optimising wound outcomes in low-resource settings

Bolton et al.

Literature review for wound management strategies in low resource settings


The LeVe CPAP System for Oxygen-Efficient CPAP Respiratory Support: Development and Pilot Evaluation

Pete Culmer et al

To provide respiratory support for the high patient numbers associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers require resource efficient solutions. We have shown that this can be achieved through frugal engineering of a CPAP ventilation system


Validation of a cost-effective appendicectomy model for surgical training

Marina Yiasemidou et al.

Validation of a porcine tissue model for simulating appendicectomies


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