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Mr Mubarak Mohamed

Non-Physician Anesthesia Provider, Somaliland

Non-Physician Anesthesia Provider from Somaliland
Head of Anesthesia Department and Pre-Operative Care & the School of Nurse Anesthesia at Edna Adan University Hospital, Hargeisa (Present)
Manager of the Safe Anesthesia for Somaliland (SANSOM) Program

Lifebox Projects Champion in Somaliland: Supported the distribution of 60 Lifebox-Smile Train pulse oximeters throughout Somaliland as part of its COVID-19 response.
Delivered COVID-19 Surgical Safety Checklist training in Somaliland on behalf of the Lifebox Foundation during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Appointed as the African Society for Regional Anesthesia Ambassador in Somaliland.
Coordinator for Safe Anesthesia Education Courses in Somaliland.
National leader for the Country Study on the African Society for Regional Anesthesia (ASOS) Pediatric Study (ASOS Peads) in Somaliland.
Research Contributions:
Contributed to global anesthesia research, including the "Surgical and Anesthesia Care for Children in Somaliland," a cross-sectional study.
Advocate for task-sharing in anesthesia, empowering non-physician anesthesia providers.
Scholarships and Recognitions:

Received multiple scholarships from international professional associations and organizations, including the Global Initiative for Children's Surgery, Duke School of Global Health, and Smile Train Organization for Safe Pediatric Anesthesia.
Diamedica (UK) Ltd, World Federation Society Association, the African Regional Society, and Oxford Global Surgery in anesthesia and obstetrics care.

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