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Dr Rediet Shimeles

Anesthesiologist, critical care and pain management physician, Gradian Health Systems, Ethiopia

Dr Rediet Shimeles Workneh is an anesthesiologist, critical care and pain management physician working as clinical consultant at Gradian Health Systems in Ethiopia. She had served as an assistant professor of
Anesthesiology at Addis Ababa University, college of Health Sciences and has also worked as a sole anesthesiologist , critical care unit lead and operation theater anesthesia lead of Ghandi Memorial Maternity and Child hospital. She is one of selected Commissioners for the Lancet global health commission on Medical Oxygen. She Is engaged
in several international collaborative research and had coauthored in published articles . She had also published a book chapter on ‘ Women in Anesthesiology’. She had received several scholarships from international professional associations including American Society of Anesthesiologists, Canadian society of Anesthesiologists, European society of regional anesthesia, World Federation Society of Anesthesiologists, Association of Anesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland and World Anesthesia Society.
She had served the Ethiopian Society of Anesthesiologists as a secretary general and actively collaborated with Surgical society of Ethiopia. She had worked with Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health on several initiatives including as a technical working group member of Saving Lives through Safe surgery and a member of critical care implementation guideline development team and critical care capacity building activities. She had also done consultative works with JHPIEGO ( safe surgery as well as Covid critical care)and Ethiopian Medical Association. She has designed and given Covid and Critical care webinars and simulation based trainings under the umbrella of Federal Minister of Health and JHPIEGO, to critical care team members of different regional hospitals . Mentorship as individual as well as institutional level is her passion and thus has served as a mentor of the 3rd Mc Caskey Fellowship program of Life-box. She has also worked as Safety and quality ambassador of Smiletrain in Ethiopia. She a mother , a global health , global surgery and patient safety advocate and aims to contribute for the betterment of anesthesia , critical care and pain management services in Ethiopia and the rest of the world.

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