Dr Keith Thomson

Retired Anaesthetist, Mercy Ships alumnus

My love of Africa began with my medical student elective in the Transkei (1975). This was followed by a year (1983) as a senior registrar at Edendale Hospital in Pietermaritzburg. From 1991 - 2011 I worked on board Mercy Ship for 2-3 weeks on 24 different occasions and I worked in Hoima Hospital in Uganda annually for 2 weeks with a medical team from Basingstoke Hospital between 2008-2013. Up until last year, I organised 40 courses for anaesthesia providers in Africa covering 15 different countries . Current projects include sending Liberian doctors to Nigeria to train in anaesthesia and also bringing patients with jaw tumours from Kinshasa to CoRSU hospital in Kampala for surgery not available in their own country. I am passionate about encouraging young UK doctors to go to Africa and see for themselves how medical care is provided for the majority of the population.