Abstract Submission for Poster Presentations

Abstracts accepted for poster presentation

Management and outcomes of congenital anomalies in low-, middle-, and high-income countries: protocol for a multi-centre, international, prospective cohort study

Naomi Wright, Melika Akhbari, Laura Herrera, Gabriella Hyman, Godfrey Sama, Marcus Sim, Harmony Ubhi, Aayenah Yunus, Niyi Ade-Ajayi, Adesoji Ademuyiwa, Emmanuel Ameh, Justine Davies, Kokila Lakhoo, Dan Poenaru, Nick Sevdalis, Andrew Leather, Global PaedSurg Research Collaboration

Improved female literacy rates improves neonatal and maternal mortality rates: an international approach, focusing on Sri Lanka.

Akila Shakir

Reducing maternal mortality in Sri Lanka by changing social policy

Grace Brown

Putting global surgery on the map

Simon Lambracos, Olivia O'Malley, Nicholas Judkins, Aliyah Hussein

Life after obstetric fistula repair in LMICs: a systematic review of qualitative studies

Krithi Ravi

Paediatric Burns Outcomes Collaborative

Zavira Heinze, I. Marks, Z. Bentounsi, C. Van Hövell tot Westerflier, K. Seyedmadani, N. Nadeem, P. Kamali, A. Niyukuri, M. Botman, H. Rakhorst, P. Van Zuijlen

A literature review: The benefits of parental education in supporting the understanding of the surgical care required in infants with cleft palates in low-to-middle income countries (LMICs)

Merina Kurian

Wilms Tumour in Sub-Saharan Africa: a Literature Review

Zara Markovic-Obiago, Katheryn Ford, Kokila Lakhoo

Social Determinants Underlying the Burden of Obstetric Fistula in Sudan: A Qualitative Study of Treatment Barriers

Felix Liu, Dr. Huda Sherfi, Dr. Zainab Alzubair, Dr. Aziza Mukhayer

Urgent Surgery Secondary to Crocodile Bite: Maintaining Safe Anaesthesia

Ryan Ellis, Rebecca Paris

Ethical Challenges Arising on Medical Electives in Low-Middle Income Countries (LMICs)

Rebecca Waterfield

Utilization of rapidly deployable mobile medical units for emergency disaster settings

Sergio M Navarro, Esther J Kim, Sarah Michel, Caroline Soyars, David Hilmers, Sharmila Anandasabapathy

Global health inequity: politics, power, and western policy agenda

Aihem Johar

Implementation of Pre-operative Team Briefing together with WHO Safe Surgical Checklist in Cameroon

Aoife Fitzgerald, Abid S, Daya L, Fabo B, Herbert A, Corset S, Randall K, White G, Wu E, White M

Surgical Education E-Collaborative: Launching a New Resident-Driven Global Surgery Collaborative

Zavira Heinze, Michael Stein, Naveen Cavale

The Refugee Crisis and the Conservation of data, Implementation of a Patient Management System in Lesvos.

Louis Sisk

Bringing Global Surgery to the Local Stage: The Lifebox-SfGH University Representatives Scheme 2018

Liz Pillai, Marco Carraro, Hannah Thomas, Sanchita Bhatia

General Surgery Trainees Perform the Majority of Non-Trauma Emergency Laparotomies at Teaching Hospitals in Rwanda and South Africa

Linda Pohl, Christo Kloppers, Nazmie Karriem, Jennifer Rickard, Egide Abahuje, Kathryn Chu

Complex facial reconstruction in cases with complex facial deformities post Noma

Isabel Pereira

Post-caesarean section surgical site infections: a retrospective audit and case-note review at an Ethiopian referral hospital

Anna Rose, Dr. Bazezew Fekad, Dr. Jolene Moore, Professor Wendy Graham

Impact of Tailored Trauma Education in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review Protocol

Riana Patel, S Stewart, M Nyeko-Lacek, A Urquhart, S Webb, C B Lavy

Use of the Partograph at a private not for profit hospital in Uganda - A clinical audit

G. Chapman, S Mak, B Ndiwalana, J Dalton